Strateji Faktoring was established in 1997 and joined Tetaş Group on 27 January 2004 and now operating with their 9 representitive officeS and widened its factoring services to all over Turkey.

Strateji Faktoring provides domestic and international factoring services and offers its customers innovative solutions to their accounts receivable management. The major power of the company is its dedicated and experienced personnel.

The management team of Strateji Faktoring has remarkable background in this field making a great contribution to factoring sector in Turkey since the beginning of 1990’s.

Being a full member of Factors Chain International, the biggest alliance for international factoring companies, since November, 2004, Strateji Faktoring provides import and export services to its clients through nearly 268 correspondents from 73countries around the world.

Strateji Faktoring is a member of Association of Financial Institutions.