If you are small or medium sized company in need of growth while getting administrative support for the management of A/R and protection for bad dept losses; you definitely would not say to no to fresh injection of working capital which will help you expand your ongoing business. you are perfect fit our Full Service Factoring.

If you have your own sources of finance but still concerned about protecting yourself from the unknown risks that may arise from the buyer’s side which may in return create a bad dept (having too many buyers in countries counted as risky places in terms of economic and politic parameters may be a good reason for you to get credit risk cover.) and meanwhile rid of all the operational work load of A/R will save you a big time and money than you are the perfect fit for our service of Maturity Factoring.

If you are not interested in other services of factoring and your only concern is to create an additional pre-finance aid than Non-notification factoring suites the best for you.

EXPORT FACTORİNG: Export factoring provides 100% guarantee on the receivables and also collection management and financing services on open account sales.

FULL SERVICE: This service includes ledger keeping, collection, credit risk cover and finance. Strateji Faktoring provides all the key functions that are available in factoring.  

After a credit line is granted for a specific buyer by the import factor, the seller (our client) submit copies of sales invoices to Strateji Faktoring, and in return gets an available pre-agreed percentage of the value of the invoices for immediate drawdown (Usually %80 of the invoice amount). Strateji Faktoring meanwhile maintains the sales ledger on behalf of its client. The import factor contacts the buyer for the payment of invoices when they become due. After the buyer pays the debt to the import factor the client becomes eligible for the balance payment of the invoice after the deduction of the financial charges and factoring commission. If the buyer does not or cannot pay because of any reason excluding a dispute then the import factor is entitled to pay the entire face amount 90 days after the due date of the invoice.

Full service factoring is a non-recourse factoring where the factor must bear the loss himself if the buyer is unable to pay.

RESOURCE FACTORINGg:This is a full service factoring without credit risk coverage. A factoring arrangement whereby Strateji Faktoring provides the seller with finance, and/or sales administration and/or collection procedures without credit risk coverage.

MATURITY FACTORING: This is a full service factoring without finance it is mostly preferred by the sellers who need to receive the collection form the buyers on the agreed payment terms.protection from bad dept.

A factoring arrangement whereby the factor pays the seller the purchase price of the assigned account receivable on a maturity date, which is a fixed period after the date of the invoice.

NON-NOTIFICATION FACTORING: A factoring arrangement, either recourse or non recourse, in which the buyer is not notified of the assignment of the A/R. The seller performs the sales administration and collects the account receivable on behalf of the factor. Also known as non-notified assignment, undisclosed factoring or silent assignment.

INVOICE DISCOUNTING:A type of factoring in which buyers are given no notification that the seller’s receivables arising from sales on credit must be paid to the factor and in which the receivables are collected by the seller himself.

In this form of factoring, the factoring company’s aim is simply providing financing services, which can be up %80 of the receivable.


In a foreign market, collection can be toughsince legal and financial systems, risks and cost may differ from country to country. Companies need an insider to cope with it. Import Factoring enables customers to purchase goods from foreign suppliers on open account so that they can prevent from being constrained by credit limits or any extra charges for their imports. Strateji Faktoring is ready to co-operate with its clients in their import factoring requirements.

In Import Factoring, the application is submitted by the exporter or Export Factor to Strateji Faktoring. Strateji Faktoring contacts the local importer and investigate the working conditions according to limit required. The guarantee given by Strateji Faktoring has no cost to the importer and avoids importer from commissions of payment terms like cash against documents or L/C’s. Customers have also an alternative to use only collection service in import factoring.